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2013-14 regular season game the third week, the Chicago Bears away to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Bears show a strong offensive strength, us cheap jerseys first being the Steelers 17-0 lead. Defense team also spoils, manufacture five times the ball conversion, the final team to 40-23 victory over Bears Steelers, harvest start three-game winning streak.

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Beginning of the game, the Bears that show a strong offensive capability, relying on Matt - Forte and Michael - George W. Bush's running attack touchdowns and a free kick in the first quarter lay 17-0 advantage. Although the Steelers have been struggling to chase, chase the score was only 4 points difference, but unfortunately cheap jerseys the ball five times the audience conversion, including the fourth quarter after killing off the Big Zaoqin later steals the ball after leading the team lost opportunities to chase points, eventually leading to failure.

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The game Bears quarterback Jay - Cutler (Jay Cutler) 30 pass 20 advancing 159 yards, came a touchdowns but captured kill two times. cheap nfl jerseys Steelers quarterback Ben - Roth Reese Berg (Ben Roethlisberger) 41 pass 26 advancing 406 yards, two touchdowns but came captured and killed three times and steals two times, there are two times off the ball, performance flat.